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Monday, 06 April 2009 04:32

Rankkit was started as a small idea. Polls are always created by website administrators, What if we gave that power to the people? What if we enabled them to connect with their friends and other like-minded users to share both their questions and opinions? What if we created a widget so that that you can customize your poll and put it on your favorite social networking site, blog or webpage? The answer for us…is Rankkit!

Rankkit is a community of people who create value for each other by participating in social voting. On Rankkit, you can ask questions, "Rankk" answers, comment on results and share your creations with the community or with the world. Whether your poll is public or private, “Rankked” on our site, emailed to friends or shared with many others, our goal is to provide you a platform to share the information that is relevant to you.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 April 2009 04:37

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